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Special sessions and workshops

The conference is supported by the EU E-Caero2 project and its partner societies EUCASS, ECCOMAS, EUROMECH, EUROTURBO and ERFCOTAC. Special sessions are tentatively planned for each partner society, to be confirmed.

Aerospace Europe 2017 will also offer special sessions opportunities for the two major EU Joint Technology Initiatives CleanSky and SESAR project partners a platform for sharing their research and development results.

Special sessions dedicated to space technologies and defense applications are planned.

The papers presented in the special session will be subject to peer review, and published in the Conference Proceedings. The workshop presentations will not be peer reviewed and, hence, not published in the Conference Proceedings.

Special sessions and workshops:


Workshop organized by the Advisory Council for Aviation Research (ACARE), where the updated Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA), expected in June, will be disseminated and discussed;

  • S27: “Research Infrastructures”

Workshop on the current status and future development needs and directions for the worldwide research infrastructure. With the participation of the Italian Aerospace Research Center – CIRA, German Aerospace Center – DLR, Purdue University, and the Romanian Ministry for Research and Innovation. Other participants to be confirmed.

  • S18: EREA “Future Sky”

Workshop organized by EREA, the association of European Research Establishments in Aeronautics on its Joint Research Initiative in which development and integration of aviation technologies are taken to the European level, and based on the alignment of national institutional research for aviation by setting up joint research programmes. The session will be chaired by Mr. Joseph KASPAR, General Manager at VZLU, Czech Republic, EREA Vice Chair and Chair of Future Sky Board.

  • S34: “Constant volume and distributed combustion”

Special session organized by COMOTI and will gather presentation of the latest research results in the field. Some of the latest results obtained in the FP 7 project TIDE will be presented.

  • S26, S33, S57: AGILE – Aircraft 3rd Generation MDO for Innovative Collaboration of Heterogeneous Teams of Experts

Special sessions organized by DLR on the latest results from the AGILE Horizon 22020 project aimed at developing the next generation of MDO and aircraft design and on the exploitation activities dedicated to education, including the “AGILE design challenge”, dedicated to the Academia and Research organizations.

  • S28: “Aircraft Flow Control Technologies – AFloNext”

AFLoNext is a four-year integrated project (level 2) with the objective of proving and maturing highly promising flow control technologies for novel aircraft configurations. The EC project AFLoNext targets on maturing flow, loads and noise control technologies for transport aircraft. Within the project, two distinct activities focused on active flow control application.

CEAS 2017 will include a workshop aimed at the dissemination of the project results in WP 2, targeting local flow separation control at local areas of the wing to improve the low-speed performance, and WP5, addressing flow control in the cruise regime for stabilizing the shock-boundary layer interaction for buffet control.

  • S38, S45, S52 “Space Technology and Advanced Research”

Workshop organized by the European Space Agency ESA and presenting results of the STAR program.

  • S49, S56: “Future Through Education”

Workshop and special session organized by Euroavia the European Association of Aerospace Students, representing the interests of over 2000 students from 38 universities in 19 European countries.

  • S37, S44, S51, S58: “European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education”

The 13th European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education EWADE 2017 will be organized as part of CEAS 2017 as a full day event, on the 4th day of the Conference. The workshop will discuss recent advances in aircraft design (research and teaching) and is organized by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter SCHOLZ, MSME from the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. Details can be found here.

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